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Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm ready for a museum

OK so I'll admit it.

I'm no techno-geek.
When I was in hospital with L6 a month or so ago, Father Bear left us his phone....mobile phone, that is. Honestly, it was easier to walk up to the ward phone, put 20c in the slot and call home on that! There was a handpiece to hold, nice big buttons to push and no chance of taking anyone's photo!

One of our kind friends sent us a text message. It took me over half an hour to reply....and do you know what I managed to say?


Yep, that's all. (And just in case you North Americans don't use the term, it's Kiwi slang for *thank you*)
I could almost have run to the guy's place, told him in person and been back at L6's bedside, wiping his fevered brow in the time it took me to say TA!!!! Would've been a lot less stressful too.

But that's not the end of it!
Ah well.

At least they sent another text the next night.
That time I wrote a whole word. Three Whole Words, in fact.
But I sent them to the wrong person!

I haven't heard from the texting friends since.
And I still don't know who knows "we're still here"

Maybe that's why I like my friend who prefers a piece of paper and HB pencil to a Palm Pilot!
Could be why I liked what Mr No Impact Man had to say today too. Have a look here.

And on a related-but-totally-different note....when we were at the museum, the kids had A Great Deal of Fun learning how to use those *old-fashioned* (gasp) phones. Do you know the sort? The ones you put your finger in a little hole and twist the whole dial round and then release it and wait for it to return to Starting Position before you could put your finger in another hole and turn it all the way round...clockwise, dear, you have to turn it clockwise....take your finger out now and wait, no, hang on, it has to go all the way back to the beginning before you can do another one, yes that's right, now you can do the next number, yes it does take a long time doesn't it, clockwise remember, and wait...."
Using the Real Thing, which was set up to ring another phone, was so much more exciting than googling "ancient tele-communication", more exciting even than anything Wikipedia could tell us......and I bet Wiki fails to tell the kids you have to replace the headset on those little black buttons...you can't just lay it down on the table!


thebeanbag.wordpress.com said...

lol, your mate wiki too huh? That's too funny, I had never thought of me being old enough to know technology that teenagers wouldn't even know about, how sad! I love your texting malfunctions, teehee.

Fire said...

Yep, I went there and felt ancient when I had to teach my kids (painstakingly) how to use those phones too! "In myyyyyyy day....!!!"

Nikki said...

Hehe, gosh, how will our kids be able to tap-a-phone when they are out and don't want to spend 20 cents (or however much it might be these days).

kate5kiwis said...

lol nikki
i have fond memories of tapping phones too :o)
but i am a text-addict. i love it as a form of communicado, during times of distress, and when i can't find my friends at the beach.
the other night, though, we were reminiscing that we used to *drive around and around town* looking for our friends and *these* days, THE KIDS HAVE IT *SO* EASY lol