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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Our table didn't start its life with us.
A newfound soul-sister (who also had seven children in nine years) moved away to America. Her table with the accompanying benches she had had made to go with it came to live at our house and be a constant reminder of a Very Special Friend. The dents at one end where her littlest would bang his cup have worn away - or at least amalgamated with our own bangings to create quite a smooth surface! The varnish has peeled away and we have sat around with more than one set of dinner guests scraping the top so it is now almost entirely bare timber.
Father Bear has grand plans about cutting the sides square and fixing in extensions - we talk about these plans every few months;-) In the meantime, the table is collecting history, collecting memories.

The table is for working at....
chopping parsnips

making pizza lunches (with friends)
making plans

fulfilling dreams (aka excavating, albeit on a smaller scale than dreamed of)

creating musical instruments

building gingerbread houses

creating masterpieces (with friends)

conducting experiments

The table is there when you're playing the goat
The table is there when you meet friends you've been writing to for years - friends who live in Romania

The table is there when you're celebrating with family

(and sometimes we even put a tablecloth on it!)
celebrating with friends
celebrating birthdays

and doing real Su-do-kus too!

The table is for eating at

and eating under (when it's made into a hut)

The table can even be made beautiful....
this photo is one which prompted a friend to tell me I really should start a blog!


kate5kiwis said...

yep, i love your table.
and i love your blog.
and i love you.
and i *love* My Fair Lady cos the kiddos are now absorbed for two hours and i can go blog-surfing.
oh gosh, did i say that out loud???????

Jen and family said...

what a wonderful table

jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com

kate5kiwis said...

i couldn't do it.
i couldn't resist the rich and luscious language....
i switched off the pooter and went and watched the movie with the kids.
that's Home Ed at its best imnsho.
mommy and kiddos soaking up a Moment of Literature
in 'artford, 'arroford and 'ampshire, 'urricanes 'ardly HEVER 'appen X

JodyL said...

Loved your post about your table Rachael. My rellies also had a long table like that in their kitchen. I loved the way everyone would congregate around the table (espec in winter as the kitchen also had a toasty fire :-))

Loving your blog - and have really enjoyed your foodie posts :-)