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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

doctor! doctor!

Yesterday L6 was racing a car around the dining room table when he put his hand down on a wasp. Said wasp expressed its disapproval by stinging that left hand of our left-handed boy!
Medical assisstance was rendered and L6 returned happily to play.
A new day dawned this morning and with it came a red and swollen hand. Attached to the end of the hand was a sad boy with puffy eyes swelling out of a pale face. Breakfast was served with a good dose of antihistamine. But a couple of hours later the redness was spreading, the fingers had swollen so much he could hardly bend them, he was sporting a fever and was now even sadder, not to mention paler. So we toddled off to the doctor.
Add to the antihistamine some antibiotics and pamol. And sleeping beauty took himself off to bed before noon!

That, however, is not the full story.
While waiting at the doctors, K9 looked miserable. It turned out he had tripped over my shoes last night on his way to bed and hit his head on the corner of the wall. He went to sleep with a mild headache and woke with a really good one this morning. By the time we left the doctor's surgery, he was apparently feeling pretty grotty, but didn't say alot about it until he howled half a minute up the road. I really could not decipher what it was all about and he went silent, so I figured it couldn't have been too important. Only a matter of seconds later, he howled again and over the din came the other yells "He's throwing up everywhere" And. He. Was.


we now have one very clean car sitting on the driveway with all doors open to air it out!
we have over half the family in bed and it's not even half past twelve!
i'm being an out-of-character-slightly-paranoid-mother looking for symptoms of memory-loss from one of the boys and wheeziness from the other!

Postscript......there were at least three other Trippings Over Mother's Shoes in the night and NO-ONE thought to move them!!!!!

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Jen and family said...

ouch a wasp sting
poor wee L6

and poor K9 sounds like concussion
jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com