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Saturday, May 19, 2007

it was a happy birthday

the cake:

every single one of the children has used that candle for their first birthday...only now there's no wick - so ER blew out the match;-)

the totally homemade present:

OK so the hair is really wild....but it's beautifully soft....merino wool, each piece individually attached....and Karen, thanks for the wool for the bodies - it's extra-special making something with wool a friend has lovingly dyed

some of the cards:

you really have to click on that photo to see the cute little button standing with her head between her knees!

and there's always a birthday balloon:


Dave Richards said...

Lovely photos..thanks for sharing them with us...and seems like you guys had a wonderful time...it was lovely going through this post...and also drop by my blog on Birthday Greetings and check out all that's there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

Jen and family said...

beautiful cake
pleased she had a good day