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Thursday, May 17, 2007

a *H*A*T*

it looks so simple....but don't be fooled.
I called this blog intricate simplicity for a reason;-)

It was meant to be a simple K1P1 rib hat. And it was simple....until I came to do the decreases at the top.
I didn't have a pattern, but didn't think it could be that hard.

The kids groaned as they saw me undo round after round after round.....nice to feel their empathy!

But triumph came on the second try. I wanted a nice round top....and a nice round top is what I got.

Now I just need to finish the mittens. They'll be my first ever and I'm looking forward to doing them. I have my usual *what if it doesn't work* angst....but by now I know you can just undo it and start again!
(and if you're wondering why I started the mittens and didn't finish them.....I only had a little of that variegated wool left and I knew I wanted the mitten cuffs and part of the hat made out of it....so I did the cuffs and then just used up the rest on the hat....why didn't I finish the mittens before starting the hat? Coz I knew I could make a hat, but the mittens were scaring me! I need to work on the little hand-warmers when the little hands that will wear them are in bed....may 7pm come quickly!)

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Jen and family said...

nice hat
all the best with the mittens
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/