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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

surfie chick

surfie chick....that's so not me.

Beaches would be good if it weren't for the sand and the salt!

surfie chick....that's beach babe Kate

And now that the SUNNY BAY where she lives is more windy than sunny, she needs a new beach fashion accessory (as if her GORGEOUS hair isn't enough )...a chunky hat.

It might be more chunky that she expected, but if you want chocolate and pink, you gotta take what the shop has! Hope you don't mind the pink on top Katie - I ran out of brown and don't have the car to go buy you another brown ball! However, if you really don't like it, I'm happy to redo that little bit - wouldn't take long. In fact the whole hat didn't take long. YAY for chunky wool!

You know what I like about this hat?
It represents friendship and fair trade!
You see, Kate is making me a necklace.
There'll be no conflict diamonds in it (there'll be no diamonds at all - heehee).
There'll be no unjustly-mined-gold (in fact, no gold at all either).

I will have a special piece
made with love
by a dear friend,
who sparkles in my life.

Thanks Kate - it was a great idea!


Jen and family said...

lovely hat
love the hearts
jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

kate5kiwis said...

oh rach i *love* it.....
i just bought your beads today and am having some *think time* (aka procrastination) while i check a blog or two.
ok, off to get the jewellery pliers out.....
and then it's *swap city*
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

Oh what a yummy hat!