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Monday, May 14, 2007

still wild.....

that paper pile....hmmm I spent Monday evening on it.....now it's in four piles! I really must get on to it. There were just far more interesting things to do last week!


READING....I read some fascinating travel books and kept up with reading my friends' blogs (but refrained from writing anything) and read answers to my questions on one of the two forums I frequent. Picked through a parenting book for the first time in a long time!

GARDENING....we did a complete vege garden overhaul - pulled out everything that was spent, turned the soil, dug in some compost and planted out the seedlings that we'd grown. The children then asked to make dinner with some of the bounty - only the sausage wasn't from the garden! There were capsicums stuffed with sweetcorn and carrot, boiled potatoes smothered in butter, cabbage-carrot-n-corn-stirfry. Mmmmmm.

Now we're down to a couple of cabbages and pumpkins, a pile of enormous swedes and a washing basket full of chillies!

KNITTING....two little vests and a hat and the beginnings of a hat and mittens to match the second vest. We had to go and get some contrasting wool today so I can finish them.

TALKING....I was interviewed about being a mum at Carey College - who knows what future pastors thought of that!.....I spent two evenings home with Father Bear dreaming and leafing through books and putting ideas down on paper and talking.....JUST. THE. BEST......We spent Tuesday and Friday evenings with good friends....Saturday had friends over for lunch and Saturday night went to another family for dinner, where we ate the hugest pizzas we've ever seen!Sunday visited more friends.

DESIGNING.....a website...you see, we are almost definitely leaving these shores and heading into the big wide world and we decided a website was a twenty-first-century traveller's necessity....I played mostly unsuccessfully with dreamweaver, but managed to use plain-ol-boring-but did-the-basics-OK-Home Publisher

ENJOYING....for Mothers Day I had bacon and eggs in bed with seven chapters of a book about a Kiwi family living in France - shared snuggles in bed with T3 while the food was being cooked.....I received two very special picture frames, one complete and one needing some pictures to be inserted.


kate5kiwis said...

wow you have been a busy bear.
i got all inspired by your paper war and i have 2 banana boxes of stuff to go thru... but the telly has won out tonight lol.
looking forward to seeing your new web-baby up and running...

Jen and family said...

I like revisiting parenting books they are interesting

wtg on that complete vege garden overhaul

sounds like a productive week and a lovely mothers day Im pleased :)
jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

Mama Monk said...

hi rach--
it has been lovely to "catch-up" on your life. i am glad you are back to blogging after your week away.
my husband and i are going on a month-long roadtrip through the states next week. we are doing a lot of camping with some family/friend visits mixed in.

I would love your advice! What are some "musts" when traveling with kids under 4? I value any tips you can pass on--

hope your travel plans are going well...
Kelley (mamamonk)