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Friday, June 22, 2007

bursting with excitement

The kids are all going on holiday to six different homes around town tonight.
Father Bear and I will be HOME ALONE!
Then tomorrow we're going in to town to a hotel for the night.
We're planning on going to a house auction, doing some "trip research", eating out at a Mongolian restaurant, visiting Borders, indulging in Moevenpick icecreams at Mission Bay, chatting about life dreams....and we'll probably even watch the All Blacks test (if we do, I'm allowed to knit so that's a win-win scenario!!!!)

A friend, who is very family-friendly, recently told me her reaction to those martyr-mothers who "never spend a day away from their children".

I'm with her all the way!
Only a few hours to wait now!!!!!


kate5kiwis said...

oh wow, the two love birds get to become teen lovers again !!!!!!!!!
have a fab weekend, if ya get this msg *before* ya take off....
sounds like you have lots of fun planned.
hubby and i are taking off for our weekend in one week's time: 'twill be a fabulous intro to the hols.
yep, only one babysitting stop for us: i think i told ya about thelovelylouise and we have a swap thang going: so one month she and her hubby go and the next month F. and i get to go:
we are going to hammy-town to buy Some Ballroom Dancing Shoes.
it's my birthday pressie woo hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but we won't stay long: leighleigh told me that you and Father B. have the same views on hammy-town as we do *yawn* lol X

Sharonnz said...

WOW...bliss, bliss, bliss. Enjoy. Looking forward to hearing more about the dreams next week?

blackpurl said...

hope that you two enjoy your time alone without kiddos!

LeighLeigh said...

KATE!!! I read that!! You all need to visit Hamilton with me - I will show you a good time.
A very wise person once said of London - 'If you are bored of London you are bored of life' - I feel the same about Hamilton - you can make fun in any town - especially a foodie place like Hamilton!

kate5kiwis said...

lol leighleigh
it's all about the food.
i'm only here for the food (movie line) and if *you* are partying up hammy-town then we're sure to love it.
loved winding you up though :o)