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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

treasure trove

I just popped into the Sally Army shop and came home with my best treasure ever. The lady said "$1 each, that'll be $8 for all of those. Is that OK?" I replied, "I'll give you $10 and you keep the change"....and I still felt bad about it!

I haven't even looked closely at the portfolios yet - couldn't tell you how many pictures there are or what they are like - except for the ones in these photos! I only had to see one to know it was a bargain worth snaffling up. There are teacher's notes which may or may not be useful - but I bought them for the pictures, so I don't mind if they are not worth reading!

Looks like our "home education" will be taking a cultured path for a wee while! So while we're full of inspiration, I thought I'd spend the next few posts up on my home ed soapbox. If you're not interested, try popping back next week!

Any burning questions you want to ask?


Sharonnz said...

Drool, drool over the books!! What a blessing!! I will come back with some questions too;-)

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Those are so cool!! I did an assignment in Worldview class at Teacher's College about how art reflects the Worldview of it's time (Refer to Francis Shaeffer for more on that) through that assignment I learnt to recognise famous pictures and actually be able to identify their place in history.........very useful! Go the Salvation Army Thrift Shop!!
Also love the post before this one.....I am just getting to the stage where people start saying "oh, JK is 3, he must be starting kindy soon" and "When JK starts school........" When I tell them that is quite unlikely I get some interesting reactions and sometimes find it hard to succinctly answer their questions (always come up with great answers after the fact!!) So..........reading that post helped me think of some ways to word what I think and believe!! YAY!