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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am having such fun knitting up the lollipop wool.

The pants and mittens I did almost entirely in hospital a few weeks back with L6. Although I must admit the legs went on F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Then I started the vest (my first time ever using a real bought proper pattern), but it just wasn't going fast enough for me so I whipped up the soaker for a wee break. My parents brought me up to finish something before starting something new....but it's just not me! I believe in having at least three projects on the go at once!

an easy-peasy-no-thinking-one

a need-to-concentrate-one

and a long-term-one

I had lots of fun trying to create blocks if colour interspersed by only a row or two of contrast...lots of short rows and knitting from three balls of wool at a time! And having worked out how to do it, I then forgot to on the crotch and just zipped back and forth. Ah well, never mind, I like it all the same. I'll do a cord once I've finished the vest - don't want to run out of wool!!!!!


Da Setiuz Mama said...

Colour Colour Colour!!!!
Loving your projects and your wool!
I'm in love with multi colour wool....
Just a question.....how many stitches did ya pick up round the legs for the cuffs on your soaker? I'm up to that part and picked up 28 and found that was just WAY to tight for my LJ's chunky polynesian thighs!

Rach said...

28....well this is going to make you feel he's not so chubbly....I picked up 62 stitches! I just knit it till the leg hole is big enough and then pick up a stitch per row.
My leg holes are always bigger than any I've seen others do - but they work perfectly for us!