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Saturday, June 30, 2007


toastyTALE #1
M4 won't be cold again this winter! He wore his new longies last night and LOVED them.
"They were soooooo warm Mama"

toastyTALE #2
Father Bear was cold last week and nearly bought a beanie...he wouldn't be convinced that I could make him one for well under the $30 they are in the shops....well, he knows I *can*....it's just that he would like one with a funky little tag on it! After seeing some young surfie dude on tv with one just like I was proposing to make, he conceded to let me give it a go so long as it is very fine and not at all bulky. That means teeny tiny needles....sigh....and the first one I started just wasn't big enough, so it's now undone *double sigh* and I've started something else! I'll come back to the 130 stitches for his big-full-of-knowledge-head after I've done a vest for a little boy!

before the un-ravelling party

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kate5kiwis said...

you are the coolest knitter. maybe you'll even find a *funky surf tag* to sew on PapaBear's new beanie???
centre front lol.