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Friday, June 15, 2007

she seems so sure of herself

I have been dubbed a schedule nazi by more than one friend (OK, by two!)
So how is it that I can be so informal with the children?

It's been a journey, and one that I have agonised over. I have come to philosophical conclusions through my readings and thought-wanderings.....then I have had to make the reality of our life reflect those new-found beliefs.
I have questioned the *beliefs*, wondered if I'm just being lazy, occasionally considered I might be ruining the kids!
Time will tell.

As an example of some of my indecisive questioning, here's one more "old piece of writing" (then I promise to hop off this soapbox next week!)

QUESTION: when I plan out what I am going to do during the week, I achieve more than if I just leave it to decide from day to day. Where does this fit in? Is it appropriate for me to be more formal because I am older and at that “stage” of life? How much formal do the little ones need? How much structure to the reading plan? To what extent should even that move in seasons rather than doing science/history/geography all the time? I’ve done the little-bit-of-everything-every-day approach, the month-of-one-thing-at-a-time approach, the something-different-every-day approach.
Is there too much mother-directed? What about the missed opportunities (eg fascination with Vikings at the moment and I haven’t done anything at all about them). This interest was sparked with some reading two years ago and they are revisiting it. Would the interest even be there if we hadn’t done it together first?

Am I really harnessing their interests?
Which approach worked best? Is there yet another way?


Kris said...

Hi Rachael,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the home schooling posts. I have enjoyed reading them - very inspirational.

Louise :)

Fire said...

Yes - thanks, thanks, triple thanks! I've passed them on to friends, and found them really interesting myself too!

kate5kiwis said...

love the questions... of course i have no answers. i am loving chatting thru my own questions with D17 now that he is older and still so thoughtful. he and i are almost-opposite personality types. so i love his perspective...

I have questioned the *beliefs*, wondered if I'm just being lazy, occasionally considered I might be ruining the kids
hmmmm, me too...
but they are loving this journey too, and loving t-i-m-e to become themselves....
i often ask myself, "What is Education?"
lots of swirling thoughts/answers.
funny, as soon as things start to become crystallised, they start to swirl again. and i'm ok with that... cos it's a journey and i don't feel as though i need to have the answers..
which is why i'm so glad that my kiddos are such gracious guinea pigs...
*evil laughter*

Mama Monk said...

Hi Rach!
I just got back from our month long roadtrip and am catchin gup on your blogs. i am so excited to read through your recent home-ed posts.