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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

every time a coconut!

Over the past few years we ahve become ardent believers in the healing powers of coconut oil! Every time someone has had the vaguest suggestion of a cold Father Bear has dosed them up with extra organic coconut oil - and apart from our sickly M4, it has worked every time!
We use it liberally in cooking as well as coconut cream and dessicated coconut too.
Two weeks ago our 10l box ran out.
This week we are all - without exception - suffering from heavy heavy colds, runny noses, coughs and some lost voices!
We raced to the organic shop and bought a small jar of the liquid gold ($90 for 10l - but $8 for not even 200g) to tide us over to when the Big Box comes in. We are slowly coming right, but it's definitely worth nipping this type of thing in the bud early on.

Are we scared of dying of heart failure due to consuming this saturated fat?
No, and while we're not ordinarily conspiracy theorists, this is one topic that does have a scientifically dodgey past.
Can I encourage you to get hold of Mary Enig's book "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" for the inside scoop!
And if you can't get hold of that, you could always google Weston A Price Foundation and read some of the cholestrol and fat articles. You just might be surprised.


Da Setiuz Mama said...

Wow! I have heard some murmurings about the whole coconut thing.....so it's true.........
Sorry to hear that you are all unwell. This BIZARRE weather really doesn't help. In the Waikato we went from a frigid 2C at 10ish this morning to a balmy 13C now at 9pm. Go figure!
Right, I'm all inspired to look into the coconut thing.....there must be something going for it as the islanders live on the stuff. YUMMY!
Oh....Grab my email address off Jess or Karen and drop me an email. Mum asked me to pass on some info about Ethiopia to you guys as they are looking into going there and thought it might be something you guys would be interested in esp as there don't seem to be too many objections to BIG families!
Have a snuggly evening!!!

kate5kiwis said...

ok, so now you've got me singing:
i've got a luvverly bunch of coconuts. here they are a-standing in a row, boom boom...

i know, i can see your quizzical-brow from here.
but where do you order The Big Box Of Coconut Oil from??????
i have been sick for eight days and counting. i am on all sorts of sudafed day-and-night stuff, cleaning aout bedrooms is stirring up too much dust.
which is another reason why i don't do it often lol.....

Kris said...

Yes I was going to ask where you buy the 10l bulk box from too.

Is this the stuff that tastes like coconut or not? We had some and it tasted SO strongly of coconut. It was too strong and sadly we ended up biffing it - was only $3.50 or something from a Pacific Islands food shop. I am wondering if we got the wrong stuff.


Tara said...

Sorry to hear you are all unwell. Sometimes I covert my husbands nose! Yes I do! I don't know quite how God has designed his brand of nose but it NEVER runs! EVER! I on the other hand go through boxes of tissues when I have a cold. I went and bought some organic extra virgin coconut oil (Kaiora brand?) and tried it but it tastes sooo coconuty! How do you dose up on it? A spoonful?

Fire said...

What? You're not a conspiracy theorist??????????? ;-)