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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I was talking with someone yesterday about how when you make choices that are not mainstream you are often labelled in terms of what you are NOT, rather than who you ARE.

anti-disposable nappies
anti-socialist state
anti-junk food

anti-working mums
and we've had people ask if we're anti-contraception ;-)

In reality we choose as natural as possible whenever we can, including organic gardening and cloth nappying...we’re into Spirit-led learning…actually Spirit-led life which for some families will include mum working outside the home…we try to limit our consumption of the world’s resources in the name of justice for others…..we believe in personal responsibility....

Sure we don't use disposable nappies - but that's because cloth ones are great! They won't fill the world's landfill with plastics and chemicals that won't break down for years and years, they are soft and natural and breathable and they work!
Sure, we don't want excessive-government-intervention....let the government maintain justice and defend our nation.
OK so maybe I am anti-junk food! Why put poisons into your body? Wouldn't you rather develop a taste for food that is nutritious and builds up your cells rather than makes you sick?
Our kids don't go to school......that's because of the wonderful option we have for them to live life with us here at home and in our community.
Pesticides...this one is a work-in-progress. I'm still learning alternatives.
I'm a consumer. But I want to be a thoughtful consumer. I want to consider how my choices impact on others. And I want to be a creative producer aswell.
Anti-working-mums? hahaha Show me a mum who doesn't work! It's just a matter of *where* she gets to do it!
And as for the last one......what do you think?

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kate5kiwis said...

and we've had people ask if we're anti-contraception ;-)

that's too funny. when we became pregs with #5, dear friends wondered if we got that word confused with "concentration"...

*cheeky grin*