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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Successful System or one Step Closer to inSanity?

What is this?

A pair of Pumpkin Patch shorts? Yes.....but that's not all.....

It's the outside of a pencil roll! Inspired by my real life friend over at Oh My! I decided these were the answer to the disappearing rolls of sellotape and pens turning up in all sorts of places.

To be honest, I've tried lots of systems......individual pencil cases, one big free-for-all box, special little box with lots of compartments for different coloured bits and bobs, even a pencil ban....but nothing has worked. They all get messy. The pencil cases - oh you should have seen them, stuffed full of dolls' clothes, seashells and other miscellaneous items.....the big box was just as bad, and could you make a complete aeroplane out of the amount of lego that accumulated in it....the special box with comaprtments for everything - well that one appealed to my sense of order, but it was the biggest disaster around and most frustrating that noone would *ever* (so it seems) put anything in the right little drawer meaning you have to open seven drawers before you discover a blue pen....and the pencil ban - well just how do you say "No you're not allowed to write anything ever again"?!!!!!

So by the end of this week (I hope) all eight of my children will have a little roll like this one complete with their own pair of scissors, roll of sellotape, an eraser (there are two in the photo because I couldn't choose which colour to put in!) pencils, pens and paintbrush for watercolours. OK, so the 9 month old doesn't exactly *need* one just yet, but noone wants this prototype so it'll be hers. Everyone else will get to choose their fabrics from the three big boxes of recyclable clothes. And if I find a pair of scissors lying around.......


kate5kiwis said...

so i'm thinking that these are absolutely fabulous rach.
and did i tell you that the day our 2006 *school term* (if there is such a thing?) ended, twenty pencils miraculously turned up.
i kid you not.

Jess said...

Very cool! I like the pocket on the outside! Thanks for the mention.
Love Jess

Sharonnz said...

Cool idea. I was wondering how to 'organise' our stuff but had gotten no further than thinking three TradeAid baskets (or recycled felted sweater baskets!). I likie!!

Rach said...

oooh yes Sharon....a basket for these to stand in....would lvoe to buy a Tade Aid one, but I think I'll have to *make* one!

Rach said...

oopsy....now how to fix those typos? I can't find how to get into the comment to change it!
Jolly pooters!!!!

kate5kiwis said...

now how to fix those typos?

ok. rach, see the *trash can* at the bottom of each comment? click it. now click *delete forever* and BAM!!!!!!!!
bye bye birdie.