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Sunday, February 25, 2007


intricate simplicity

Without specifically saying so, Linda Woodrow discusses this in her book "THE permaculture home garden".

She puts forward a common-sense way to organically garden that appears totally achievable.

I dipped into her book, reading from the middle, then the end, then a bit more through the middle again, before going back to enjoy it from the beginning! Every page excited me.

One of my longstanding dreams has been to keep chickens. Well, actually, the real dream is to live self-sufficiently, and I've been working towards that aim wherever I am, however I can. But part of the big picture has been the desire to have chooks. Unfortunately, our local city council deems it unsanitary to have chickens within 10 metres of a dwelling (even though a cat or dog can sleep in bed with you!)...and the only part of our section that far away from the house is right where we put the vege garden! I have considered being a conscientious objector to this absurd by-law, but have never been quite convinced that it is something worth objecting about! But now Woodrow has paved the way for me to get excited about chickens - in her system they need to go right on the garden! YAY! Knowing I can do it lawfully, I am now entitled to dream of collecting eggs before breakfast. And more than that, she tells me they will do my weeding and composting and digging over for me aswell! It all sounds tooGOODtoBEtrue.
So I'm keen to try it on the small scale we can manage in our backyard.....before transferring the concept to a big block later.

It's not simple......but neither is it overly tricky.
It's not complicated....but there are intricate patterns.

intricate simplicity

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