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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Hubby Birthday

He was going to get a handmade with lots of love quilt for his birthday....but he mentioned earlier in the week that it was a bit like buying me a weedeater for *my* birthday, a really good weedeater, but a weedeater all the same. Later he complimented me on the beautiful quilt I was making for myself! I took the hint and on the spur of the moment yesterday went thrift shopping (no brand new pressies this year!)....he had been commenting a wee bit about an *old* uncomfortable couch in the family room, so I decided to make every effort to replace it. Now we have a homely inviting corner instead, even if the hidden chair needs *lots* of TLC. That's what you get for $2!!!

(The as-yet-unfinished-quilt still made it into the present, but was not the focal point! When I've finished it, I'll do more photos)

But that's not all. There had been rumours that I was going to make him a pair of undies.....he had threatened to burn them if I did.......but I found some brand new ones in an unopened packet in the secondhand shop! So he got undies too;-)

Happy birthday darling....hope you liked your impromptu-birthday-dinner-a-day-early last night....we could never have hidden this room from you for a whole evening;-)

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