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Monday, February 19, 2007

Rags to Bags

Over the summer holidays I had lots of time to *do* stuff that I don't always get around to because a) the children spent hours racing round outside and b) Dadda was around to watch them. So on one of those beautifully sunny days when I really should have been out in the garden or relaxing at the beach I went through all our boxes of clothes I'm hanging on to (you might as well when there are three more kids of the same sex coming through to wear them!).

Some of those clothes I just plain don't like and I've decided now, that we don't have to wear things just because they've been given to us! If noone likes it, we'll make it into something we do like or give it away! Pile number one. Another great pile was "if my kids wear that in public people will wonder why we have so many of them when we can't afford to keep them at least clean and tidy". And then there was one more pile: I could fix this but I really can't be bothered.

Those piles filled three BIG boxes. And until those boxes are empty, I'm not buying any new fabric (except to go with something from the box if there really is nothing else that works).

These shopping bags came from the boxes (BTW, can someone teach me how to link straight to that post?) Thanks for the blonde isntructions Katie - just perfect for me! Look at that - it worked!)

As did this ensemble:
I started with a sweatshirt that my boys might like but I'm not so fond of and T2's pants.....

First creation was a funky little handbag just right for a little girl to carry her treasures in.

The next bag may not be my favourite but it's just the right size for putting six cans of chopped tomatoes in at the supermarket, so it gets the thumbs up!

Then there was still the hood to do something with.
I know! Tic tac toe....I made the bag, collected sticks and stones and bark from the garden, and hey presto! A nice-n-natural game.

All that from a pair of pants with four holes in them and a donated sweatshirt.

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kate5kiwis said...

rach, you ask:
(BTW, can someone teach me how to link straight to that post?)

here goes: the blonde instructions:
#1 in your blog publishing page @ blogger dashboard, highlight the words that you want to become the hyperlink
eg shopping bags and then simultaneously hit CTRL-SHIFT-A keys.
BAM!!! a box appears.

#2 now open your blog up in a new window and scroll down until you find your post from Thursday 15th (or you could *search blog* using the wee window at the top of the blog page if you can’t remember where the post was…)
now click on the 3:36PM at the bottom of that post
Posted by Rach at 3:26 PM
the blog post opens up in its new window.

#2 now paste that link (from top of page)
into the box. Push *enter* and
hyperlink city.

you can read more about the intricacies of dear ole Blogger here:
http://help.blogger.com/ or click the *help* link when you sign in…

love from the blog queen aka katie
btw that tic tac toe game is very very funky.