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Friday, February 9, 2007

Simply Starting

For the past six months people have been saying to me "why don't you start a blog?" and I have resisted! But for some reason (impulse probably), this afternoon I decided to have a little look to see just how tricky it would be....and it was dead simple! A friend had already given me the name - and I'm sure I'll allude to it from time to time - there were lots of templates to choose from (and although they were all modern funky ones instead of the crafty old look I'd have chosen, at least there was one BLUE one!) - there were instructions to follow....and now all I have to do is add my opinions - *THAT* won't be hard!!!!!

I'm actually going to use this blog as a space to record my day-to-day journey, to jog my memory when I finally get round to putting our photos in albums, and to keep my out-of-town friends up-to-date. Because a big part of me is thinking and experimenting, there are bound to be ramblings and photos too. And hopefully - as one friend has asked for - encouragement along the way.

Take a squiz at my full profile if you like and you'll get a taste for some of what I might write about in the future:

JESUS * dreams * growing-up * community * permaculture * self-sufficiency * homemaking * cloth nappies * Spirit-led-learning * organic food * being intentional * anti-consumerism * simplicity * contentment * natural products * radical authentic faith * other cultures * other languages * camping * hiking * travelling * recycling * history * financial freedom * creating * justice * poverty * Sabbath rest * celebrations * earth stewardship * knitting * sewing * refashioning * embroidery * photo albums * journals * hymn rewriting * fair trade * micro-enterprise * exercise * living *


Jess said...

Hi Rach!
Finally! Your blog is looking really good. I am already looking foward to the next post.
I love reading/hearing/seeing your thoughts, ideas and ramblings so often i am encouraged, challenged, heartened by what i am hearing!

Love Jess


Sharonnz said...

Sharon beats Kate to comment by a whisker...thereby revealing her internet addiction to all...will have a good read once we're back from blueberrying!

kate5kiwis said...

lol jess and sharon
i have to confess that i googled all sorts of words this morning searching for Rach's Brave New Blog... but no success.. so i turned my pooter *off* in high dudgeon while i espresso'd with hubby, and did various saturday morning things... too tempting lol
but i'm online again after just an hour !!!!!!!

i'm *so* glad to welcome you to the blogosphere rachael, i have been holding my breath you know... wishing you many happy journalling moments and captured memories.
peace out dudesses

Christine said...

Oh wow Rachael! Just saw your new signature on TNN and *had* to check it out. well done. Will be reading with interest...

CC said...

yay from another rach fan :-) in case you worry I'm putting you on a pedestal, no, just that you remind me of Titus 2 v 4-5, you're living it girl! (suffice to say, the words older/younger should probably be changed to more/less experienced, lol).

have to ask, do you ever allow aspirational hopeful homeschooler to spend a typical day with you and your family?

Rach said...

if I ever have a typical day I'll call you up CC ;-)