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Friday, February 16, 2007

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

No matter how many children we have, they are each unique. One of the joys of parenthood is getting to know your kids, getting to understand how God made them tick, wondering where God is going to lead them, how they can best serve Him, today and in the future.

In our family we have

J12 who is thoughtful and serious (sometimes sullen). She loves to bake, read and create.
J11 is explosive. But at the same time, he's extremely generous and a real servant. He is fascinated by the wonders of creation and aspires to be Biggles.
K9 is a people person. Simultaneously sensitive and adventurous, he's interested in sport, sport, sport and money. Chores are of no interest to him whatsoever - one could call him lazy!
K8 is quiet and industrious (she's handy with crochet hooks and knitting needles – both straight and circular) and tends towards devious. Given the opportunity, she would bake and play with dolls all day long.
L6 is cheeky and cheery. He loves lego and keeping up with the big boys. But he's a master at skiving off at choretime and then thinking he's too little to help!
M4 is cute and sharp and always has full pockets. He loves bugs and books. Unfortunately, he often suffers from exhaustion and fevers, which knock him low for a few days at a time.
T2 is funny, fiercely independent, grizzly when tired or bossed around and adores playdough and books.
ER8mo is snuggly, content, smiley and above all, *is loved*


Sharonnz said...

So lovely to read about the gang. It's encouraged me to sit and put some of my thoughts about my three on paper.

CC said...

i love hearing about your kids. Thanks for penning that down. Hmm, I wonder if my description of my boys will change much as they get older. It'll be an interesting exercise, thanks for the inspiration :-) I have had specific scripture verse jumped at me for each of the two boys while pregnant with them, but so far, nothing yet for this baby though.