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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where's Wilberforce?

Earlier today a friend alerted me to the fact that there is currently more slavery in the world than at any time prior to this.

I had already read "No Logo" last year, which devotes a chapter to discussing the sweatshops of Asia. When I read that I determined not to buy sweatshop goods again. It truly was compelling reading.

However, there are two problems with this. One is finding out where goods are made and under what conditions. By shopping at Trade Aid you can be confident you are buying goods that shout JUSTICE....so I bought my bright pink high top boots there soon after reading "No Logo".

The other problem is that one family not buying slavery-made goods is not going to make much of a difference to anyone. Who knows what other things we can do?

Part of my decision to buy only "ethically" has meant I've turned to *making* some things. Here are some bags I've recycled out of the children's worn-out clothes. One of them has a slightly political statement on it (not that all shops in China are sweatshops, but a LOT of them are)

So where IS a modern Wilberforce?


kate5kiwis said...

those bags are oh *so* cool babe.
very creative.
and i am dying to see your bright pink high top boots
please post pix !!!!!!!!

Rach said...

Oh Kate the boots are nothing like your funky strappy sandals - they're all practical, totally *me* Now will have to think about a post to legitimately include a piccie of them ;-)

KarenH said...

The bags are gorgeous -- I didn't think of them as so diverse and colorful -- just imagined one fabric, two rectangles...I'm obviously limited! Do you have a pattern to share?

nzmomy said...

I'm with Karen - the bags are amazing! I'd love to hear a bit about how you made them. I would like to give it a try :-)

Rach said...

My pattern is....gather old clothes that match (or don't as the urge might take you!).....chop them up and piece them together into two rectangles the same size (or one for the duffel bag - just sew that one up the side and across the bottom - or add a circle at the bottom if you want. My one had belt loops that I threaded the cord through - you could make a casing) For the "2 rectangle bags" I then make another two for the lining. Sew the outsides right sides together, ditto for the lining pieces (leaving a section open for turning).....then join them together at the top, inserting handles beforehand - the handles on that bag are sleeves! Another bag I've done I used the front bands of a dress - just use what you've got.
Turn in the right way, handstitch the final opening (or not!!) and enjoy!

Dan & Suzie said...


You are totally awesome, and have been like this for years and years! I only see you getting more and more creative with the items you have and what you are doing with them. You used to inspire me way back in Poland (when you didn't have any children - now 8) and now I am even more and more inspired! Thanks for the stimulation, on using old clothes, and making creative items perfect for the situation at hand! I love you girl, Suzie!