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Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Today's post should really be a thoughtful number about freedom and history and the red poppy we received in exchange for a donation! Or at least a foodie post with an Anzac Bikkie recipe.

But that will have to wait till next year.

Coz today Dadda was home (yay for public holidays) and watched the kiddos for a good part of the day while I got through the whole mending pile and finished knitting a cute wee hat. On my next DAY OUT in a couple of weeks I'll drag the sewing machine to father-in-law's place and sew the four pairs of trousers, three sweatshirts and one vest that I still need to do. If by some miracle I get them done before then, I don't know what I'll do on *my day* ;-)

This past summer the kids have all shot up, but not out so their clothes from last winter were plenty wide enough - just too short.

Not any more. One of J11's sweatshirts was put to good use patching and lengthening jeans lengthening a couple of sweatshirts aswell. Dadda's not too sure about the look, but M4 loves them!

J11's *new* old shirt:

K8 grew taller and skinnier too - a pinafore Grandma bought her will be able to do another winter with its extra layer on the bottom.

We had fun "beebeemod-ing" it too, though in a much more restrained way than beebeemod does her bright funky designs.
K8 chose the beads (I wanted to use some that matched!!).

The inspiration came from the buttons on the back:

And once all the kids' gear was done I did a little shortening of some trousers for me. Only I couldn't stop at just taking them up. I had portabellopixie visions in my head and decided they're not just good for toddlers! I was also thinking about something I read on Nikki's blog last week...she said, "Wow, to actually be myself and not feel afraid, or hesitant, or weird, or whatever. It's not even about *not caring* what others think, but just having a knowing that I am OK as I am."
For me and this pair of pants it translated to: it's not that I don't care what others think (coz deep down we all want to be liked if we're really honest), but that *I* like them, so I can wear them whether they are "fashionable" or not (they're not *insert big wide grin* ).
And I don't need to worry that everyone will think I'm having a mid-life crisis just coz I wear something that they haven't seen before *insert even bigger grin*


Jen and family said...

wtg Rach
nice dress
jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com

Nikki said...

Groovy pants Rach! I wanna see you wearing them when I get up to Auckland one day to meet you all. *big grins back atcha*

Sharonnz said...

Gorgeous stuff...purty dress and a rockin' outfit!

kate5kiwis said...

*love* your re-fashioning rach. oh so funky. there's lots of love sewn into all those clothes...

If by some miracle I get them done before then, I don't know what I'll do on *my day* ;-)

here's an idea: come and see me!!!!!!!!!
we could rendezvous half way... you could bring some of those Big Smoke girls for the ride.. and we could all *parteeeeee* at a cafe, or a craft-haven, or a beach (i don't do antique shops) X

The Team at Wild Hope said...

rach, this is lisa at Wild Hope. sorry i haven't been keeping up with the blog as our family is in the chaos of the last two weeks before we move back to TZ. write me at info@wildhopeinternational.org i have to make sure that address is enabled so if it bounces back, just try again tomorrow :-) all for now! -lisa

Rach said...

Glad someone likes the pants;-)
Father Bear got *that look* when he saw them and said "I kinda liked them plain"!!!! Grandfather Bear wondered "Are you turning hippy, seventies hippy?"

I'm wearing them today and feeling the love!!!!!!
Kate, love your idea, but plans have changed. My day out is now tomorrow...which means I surely have to sew.