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Monday, April 16, 2007

what are the odds?

My very dear Father Bear made me smile yesterday when he said, “I’ve thought of something for you to blog”.

So to show my appreciation at his interest in my random postings, I’ll nab his idea.

It was prompted by listening to a guy share the story of his life. He was born in Iran into a Muslim family with a totally non-religious father and a doubly-religious mother. Throughout his whole life there were *miraculous* incidents that worked together to draw him to a knowledge of God, from his desire as a young lad to “meet God”, which his mother successfully scared him away from for many years, to his intense desire to learn English (which later enabled him to read the English Scriptures and Koran he was given) to unusual wake-up calls and being rescued from deportation and and and. His story was a long and interesting list of miracles of the grace of God.

Father Bear commented that our kids won’t have a story like that.
And he observed that we perhaps underestimate
the grace of God in their lives
that they have been born into a family
that loves, serves and honours God,
and saturates their lives with a *God-awareness*

What are the odds,”
Father Bear questioned,
of being born into a God-fearing family?

Not that great actually.


Jen and family said...

Im pleased to say my children have born into a God-fearing family
and I like the photo :)
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

Rosie said...

In this fallen world I think Father Bear is quite right.......the odds are not high. It's certainly one thing that we (as a couple and as part of a wider God-fearing family) are grateful for.....praying parents, grandparents, gt grandparents...and, we too, will continue to pray......

embejo said...

Hi Rachael,
Wow....absolutely! I'm so glad for my children...and hopefully the next generation, and the next, and the next.......
Love your blog Rachael....I've been lurking for a week or two. I get the impression you live a full life! Embejo.....http://embejoetc.wordpress.com