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Saturday, April 21, 2007


"all my troubles seemed so far away"

Can you believe it? Me quoting lyrics of a song???????!!!!

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.
The four big kids went fishing before the little ones were even up.
That left the 2, 4 and 6 year olds thinking they were the big kids.
They made breakfast and the did the dishes afterwards.
(all this instead of the usual skiving off and getting into trouble before breakfast even starts!!)
T2 (oops she's T3 now isn't she) came to me out at the clotheshorse and said "Please may I help you hang up the washing". L6 and M4 put away everything that was out that shouldn't have been. The sun was shining so we settled down on the driveway when ER(11mo) went for a nap. The kids played beautifully together in the sandpit - I was nearby and ready to help them out when they needed it, but they didn't need me for that. They spoke to each other nicely, they helped each other, they cooperated. It was just like the old days!
M4 showered me with hugs throughout the morning.
When ER got up I put my knitting needles down and we read some stories together - still outside in the sun. L6 and M4 made lunch for the little girls and themselves and we had a picnic on the drive. After lunch and another play the three smallest ones went up for bed. By the time I had put ER down, the other two had put themselves into their beds and were asleep. Honestly. It was a dream. A friend came over and we chatted while I knit and she used my sewing machine. Still the kids slept on. In the end I had to wake them up!
We headed back outside - when you get such a beautiful day at this point of the year, it pays to make the most of it, because the rain might arrive tomorrow. More play, a few puzzles, more knitting for me. Then we brought the washing in and were preparing dinner when Dadda arrived home with the big kids. There were fish stories to be shared and clean-up to at least be commenced before friends turned up for dinner. Thanks for the chocolate brownie Jess - it was scrummo!
We had a wonderful evening - after an adults-only dinner the boys did the dishes and watched rugby or cricket or something (heehee, who knows?). Jess and I chatted and dreamed and compared latest projects and played with fabric and wool and even got the knitting needles and crochet hooks out.


kate5kiwis said...

glad you had The Perfect Day.
i notice a h-u-g-e difference in people-dynamics, it doesn't matter who isn't here.......

so, did any fish arrive home... or just the stories?????

Rach said...

3 fish and an almost foodie-blog

Sharonnz said...

Reading that made me give a long contented sigh...like a cat stretching in the sun.

Jen and family said...

what a wonderful sounding day yesterday was
jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/