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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

my fridge door is white

There is nothing on my fridge door. No kids' paintings, no notices, no rosters, no real estate agent's advertising, no pizza vouchers, no magnets, nothing!

I like things to be simple and the clutter of layer upon layer of precious papers on a fridge door is something that I haven't learnt to live with!!!! I know for some people it's their favourite filing system. Others love fondly reminiscing through the treasures. For me, it just messes my mind!

So I have a noticeboard in the hallway decorated with Scriptures, which I'm hiding in my heart as they get covered on the board! It has a calendar where all appointments are supposed to be written. Mostly this stops us double-booking! It has a colourful chore chart, which gets looked at every day, even if it's not followed to the letter. There's another "occasional chore chart", which is a really good idea and would make my house run smoothly if I actually did it, but the reality is I do those things when the whim strikes me (which is not often). There's a long skinny piece of paper headed up "The Children's Day". It's nice to know that's there in case we ever run out of ideas of things to do one day. It hasn't happened yet! We always run out of day before we've used up our thoughts.
There's a lovely picture of a run-down dilapidated old farmhouse that my cheeky father-in-law put up there for me to dream about.....he thought it was more realistic than the castle in Poland I was looking at!!!!!
There are some cards with my friends' names on them made by one of the girls as a reminder to pray for each other.
There's a Korean doll......reminds me of all my friends around the world, not just the Korean one who gave it to me.
There's a scrap of paper with a name and phone number......when I get round to writing it in my address book I'll be able to throw the paper away. But it's nice to look at that Polish handwriting and remember the day I bumped into the Polish family who had only just arrived in NZ!
There are vouchers from Father Bear for a one hour massage and a day out by myself and a dinner with him that I really must use soon before they expire!
There's a collection of photo pages....sometimes when one of the children ahs a birthday I make the time to print out some photos from the previous year (or even longer). L6 has been up there in pride of place since October and we've had four more birthdays since then! Might be time to do another one. ER is nearly ONE!
And there's lavender from the garden. I love the smell of lavender. Isn't it supposed to be calming? ;-)


Jody said...

Hi Rachael
Just wanted to say how *inspiring* and encouraging I find your blog. Certainly prompts me to think about the way me & my family live our lives. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Your faith and trust in God is such an example to others. Although my little one is only 1, your posts have really made me think about the kind of family life I want to create.

p.s. thanks also for the naps - they have been wonderful

Jody/Jujube from TNN

kate5kiwis said...

my fridge door is....
kind of white, i think...
who knows??
it's completely buried under s-t-u-f-f.
a messy fridge door- a creative mind, i say.
well i need some excuse.
talk about *bead-brain*.
rofl X

embejo said...

Hi Rachael,
Your Father Bear sounds like a really nice man.....How sweet.

Rach said...

embejo - he's the best! So glad I married him!!!