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Thursday, April 5, 2007

I don't step on the scales....

at least I didn't used to! Now I step on every single Sunday morning before breakfast and wearing no clothes at all! I even got my hair cut short - heehee.
I wrote a wee while ago that I needed to start exercising again and that I needed to lose more weight.....it's going not too badly. OK, so last week was a shocker on the exercise front - I only got out twice, but up till then I'd been managing four or more "proper walks" each week.
The weight is dropping off (YAY YAY YAY). So far I've lost 16kg, and still have another 8kg to go. If I make it back to that weight, I'll probably be tempted to drop the final TWO and be what I was pre-babies-post-living-on-cabbages-in-Eastern-Europe-for-two-years-stick-thin. But that just might not be feasible!
I used to say "I don't worry about my weight, I just go by how my clothes fit". And that was all very well when I was not seriously overweight. But when you jump three dress sizes you find comfort in watching the kilos disappear!
I used to be 56kg (yeah yeah, I'm tall and that was pretty skinny, but it's just what I was)
At Christmas I was 82kg. I celebrated when I went below 80;-) Next celebration was 75...then 72 ("I've lost 10kg now!")....then "I've made it to 70, I'm halfway there"....then (and it was only one week and one kilo later - heehee) "Now I weigh what I weighed when I was nine months pregnant with number two"...then I lost another three and made it to 66 where I am today. 65 will be cause for another celebration because that sounds like a milestone....by 62 I've noticed in the past people start saying "You're looking good"...when I get to 60 I'll be almost there....58 is the goal.
I've been very disciplined with my eating and want to keep the momentum of exercise going. It's still at the stage of Going To Bed Too Late and having a Mental Struggle each morning that I wake early enough to get up and walk! Need to establish the habit so I don't have to fight with myself in the morning!

(By the way, this is not so much about *what I look like* as wanting to be a good steward of my body....when I breastfeed I put on weight even though everyone says breastfeeding makes you lose weight! I weighed more when ER was 6 weeks old than the day before she was born! Now that she's not feeding I feel I have a responsibility to get back into shape and be physically fit. And I feel so much better for it.)


Mama Monk said...

Good morning, Rach!

I think this is really valuable, especially for women in the childbearing years. Our weight flipflops so much, that if we focus on it, it'll drive us crazy. At the same time, it is healthy and wise to resume our typical weight again, and it takes a lot more work than I ever imagined!

My husband and I just completed 3 months of "Body for Life." I was so pleased with the results! I lost 20 pounds and am back to my pre-baby weight. Like you, I had saved two pairs of jeans that I wore on our honeymoon. I thought I'd never fit in them again. But now I do!

I am especially amazed at the body's ability to return (with hard work and discipline) after multiple pregnancies. You should be really proud of yourself.

Jen and family said...

just stopping by to say i pray that you have a blessed Easter
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

kate5kiwis said...

i think i'll live vicariously through your weight loss. mine is so bouncy. lol.