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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bloomin' Winter

This is what's been on my needles for the past week:

100% wool longies for ER10mo to wear over her cloth nappies and under her little pinafore Grandma gave to T2 two years ago.
Although I churned out gazillions of knitted items last year, this is the first one I am truly totally 100% happy with. There are no mistakes at all, the short rows didn't leave holes at one end and the gusset even looks professional. Fortunately I wrote down the pattern as I went - now I can do it again and make "Hot Chocolate with Marshamallows". This pair is being affectionately known as "Bloomin' Winter";-)

Now I'm using up the rest of the ball of wool I bought for the embroidery and am making a hat to match. I think I've got enough of the longies wool to make a little jacket too. Anyone got a simple pattern?


Jen and family said...

very nice
jen at http://prayerwarrior.wordpress.com

Jo - mangee said...

do you have the pattern handy? bit stuck - thought I saw it somewhere online... need info for the crotch increases



Rach said...

Hi Cabette....try this link, partway down