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Saturday, March 31, 2007

T can turn 3

No-one has been allowed to tell T2 that her birthday is in *x* days...just in case I didn't get her quilt finished -she would never know if the big day was five days late! But as it turns out, I'm done in plenty of time. Plus I've almost done one for ER (10mo) with the leftovers.

I put it on the bed along with lovingly-homemade-rescued-from-the-op-shop-for $3-dolly for a photo shoot before all being packed away for another two weeks.

As I was making the quilt T2 was hovering around:

T: Who's that quilt for Mama?
Mama: For a little girl
T: ER is a little girl
M: Yes she is, isn't she

An hour later

T: Actually (pause) I think the quilt's for me. For mine birthday.
M: Do you? Do you like it?
T: Actually I do. It's quite nice.
That's fortunate!!!!!! And I'm sure she'll like having her *own* dolly complete with a dress and a pinafore and a lace-edged petticoat and bloomers.


Jen and family said...

beautiful :)
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

Nikki said...

Oh, what a beautiful quilt! I'm pleased to hear that she likes it ;)

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Hey Rach! Great job done!!
I'm just experimenting with making a little girls bag with the same technique of outward seams. Will post a photo when done...great for presents as they zip up quite quickly and you can use left overs. AND they are individual, useful and Cute.
I'm sure your T2(almost 3) will love it. My JK today told me "i'm number 2 but when my birthday is and i have a train one (cake) i'll be number 3" They grow so fast!

Da Setiuz Mama said...
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kate5kiwis said...

oh rach. it's *pink*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and looking oh so girlie.
i do love the look of those seams:
perhaps T3 (!) can bring it when you next come holidaying here :o)
are you coming down during the hols????? please say: yes !!!!!