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Saturday, March 10, 2007


I love my cloth nappies.
I like that they are soft.
I especially like the ones made from bamboo - it's a sustainably-grown product that requires no pesticides, uses very little water and grows fast....not to mention the anti-bacterial qualities it has.
I like that they are safe (there are no dangerous chemicals right next to bubba's skin).
I enjoy the sight of nappies floating in the breeze.
I love the smell of freshly-laundered naps.
I appreciate using something that I have made....both the nappies and the covers to go over them.
I enjoy the creativity of making them.
I'm pleased they won't go into landfill when we're done with them, but can be used as rags or turned into something else.....or even passed on to another generation (imagine doing *that* with a sposie!!!!)
I love using wool - it doesn't need to be washed often, and when it does all it takes is a swish around in some warm water with some lanolin soap, it is breathable, it is natural, it's available locally, it looks gorgeous, it's warm in winter~cool in summer....what could be better?
Best of all, there are no leaks!!!!!

If you're really not interested, I've probably lost you already, but if you want to see just how cute a wee bot can be, look at these clever little slideshows......

But they're not all light pink - I've done some brights and dark ones too......

(oh, and do you like the knitted basket for my reusable cloths? ~ very first photo up the top)


Da Setiuz Mama said...

AMEN SISTER! Cloth is FAB and SO much more interesting, colourful, comfy and rewarding. Did you make your Bamboo nappies? AND....Where do I get a knitting pattern for soakers? I'm pretty average at knitting but Mum's better at that and she can enhance my skill base.

Rach said...

Not having any bamboo fabric, I splashed out and *bought* some, but the rest are homemade.

If you want knitting patterns and advice, take a wander to www.thenappynetwork.org.nz and go to the knitting section and the patterns section (pretty obvious huh!)

kate5kiwis said...

i'm so gonna *push that button* and get my own one of those.
photo show, not nappy.

Anonymous said...

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