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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

vow of silence

Do you have trouble with your tongue?

I do.

And this last week has been particularly bad. When I've not been saying things that I simply *shouldn't* have, I've been saying things that were not intended badly, but were interpreted so (on four different occasions) and the net result is the same.

As I read about a monk's vow of silence, I decided that would be truly helpful to me! While Father Bear might appreciate the break, the Baby Bears still need Mama Bear to communicate with them, so I came up with a modified Mama's version....for the rest of this week (if I can make it that long), I'll endeavour to only say what is necessary. This is not a legalistic weight to tie around my neck, but a determined effort at reining in my tongue; I don't enjoy correcting my daughter for a demanding accusatory tone of voice she learnt from me!


Da Setiuz Mama said...

Rach I SO understand what you're saying!!! I too can say i'm well and truly guilty of a similar sin. As J's Steve Green cd sings "keep your tounge from evil". i love your idea.
I may even try it myself. Thanks for sharing your struggles and your journey, i find it OH SO encouraging. ps.....what a beautiful family....I didn't even recognise your eldest!

Rach said...

da setiuz mama
looking forward to you putting something on *your* blog!

kate5kiwis said...

In history class yesterday, D17 learned about these . *kate dances around in circles* that we don’t live in 1600’s England, huh...

nova_j said...

ahhhh this explains why i didn't see you commenting when i very much expected you too! ;) a lesson i need to learn soon!! :o

kate5kiwis said...

:o) looks like others are thinking about this too………. heaven knows why *i* keep coming across this kinda stuff this week *grin*