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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Winter Wardrobe

A couple of chilly mornings this last week prompted us to drag out the winter clothes today. With the exception of a few things that need to be lengthened, the boys' clothes mostly fit still (they were on the big side last year - heehee). We have fabric to make them each a pair of pants and a vests and some polarfleece for a tracksuit, so I won't need to buy them anything apart from boots.
The girls are equally well set-up......I just need to do some knitting (YAY) and sewing (not quite so YAY) and mending (not at all YAY), then they'll be right too.

It will be of absolutely no interest to anyone reading this, but I'm putting in my work list here so I can keep track of what I need to do.

Mending List:
J12: tear in trousers
K8: purple fluffy vest seam * add layer to maroon pinafore
ER9mo: hem gingham skivvy * hem red skivvy * shorten rose tea dress
J11: lengthen jeans * lengthen sleeves on flying shirt
L6: mend hole in mickey mouse pants
M4: mend hole in mickey mouse pants!!!! * lengthen jeans * lengthen sleeves and body of flying shirt

To Sew From Scratch:
J12: fleece flower top * fleece striped pants * good dress set
K8: fleece GIRLS pinafore * fleece striped pants
T2: fleece patched swing top
J11: black cords * blue fleece pants * blue and orange fleece sweatshirt
K9: aqua cords * striped fleece track suit
L6: black cords * black/aqua reversible fleece vest * jungle sweatshirt with orange pocket * orange pants with jungle pocket
M4: aqua fleece pants * black/aqua reversible fleece vest * jungle tracksuit with blue pockets

The plan for the fleece sets is for the older four kids to make their own (with some help from Mama of course). J12 has already made some of her own clothes (as well as some for her siblings - all sewn by hand!) and the others right down to L6 have all done mending, so I have high hopes for them!

Knitting projects:
2 pairs of longies and a cardigan for ER
Felted slippers for everybody (J12, J11, K9 and K8 will each knit themselves a pair and a pair for a little sibling too! The little kids can decorate theirs with pompoms they make or embroidery)
Socks for everybody

And yesterday I finished a skirt for ME. It might be a couple of seasons behind in terms of *fashion*, but I made it coz I liked it and I hope to still be wearing it when I'm eighty years old!!! It's pink and natural and romantic and beautiful and 100% quilter's cotton and totally *me*


kate5kiwis said...

oh em gee rach
you are gonna be SEW busy *wink*
and oh!!!!!!!!!! i l-o-v-e your skirt: if you grow out of it before you are eighty, puh-leeze hand-me-down to me. I promise not to re-fashion it lol

Jen and family said...

"the boys' clothes mostly fit still" and "I won't need to buy them anything apart from boots."
I love that when that happens

sounds like youll be busy

Pleased you made something for u
and I like the colour and style
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

Amydeanne said...

it's totally beautiful! I love it!
You are such a talented woman!

Rosie said...

lovely skirt rach.....i love all those bright colours for the children, too. Looking forward to seeing the Bears wearing the finished garments soon! x p.s. is the slipper knitting pattern online?

Rach said...

Ah those bright colours.....yes they're doing my head in!!!!! I let them choose *whatever* they wanted. You'll only see them if you come round here - they will be strictly for home wear;-)

I'll dig up the slipper pattern and post it.

Ryan said...

I have wonderful collection of winter wears which I bought from Wilsons Leather store at reasonable price...