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Friday, March 2, 2007

what made me use plastic boxes?

Double-post today for those of you who heard about and wanted to see a piccie of the bags I made this morning.

While the children were baking bread/making muffins/playing board games I decided to tidy the games cupboard. The games live in plastic boxes, most of which are falling apart.....so even though I love the way they stack, I decided to say goodbye to plastic and let my creative side have a bit of fun making an eclectic collection of fabric bags. Three down....lots to go! And slowly the fabric boxes empty (actually, we're only just getting to the point that the lids can almost go *on*!)

This one is made from old leggings, the sleeve of a tshirt, some freecycle material and some "leftover stripes":

These ones are recycled serviettes from a thrift shop, and the patchwork one is lined with an old shirt (front and back views):

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