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Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Favourites #3


I love finding spots to take a photo of all of us that are a bit more interesting than a straight line or higgeldy-piggeldy bunch.
This maze was one such place (though unfortunately Dadda is behind the camera this time):

And I love getting the occasional cute photo of *just one* child too:

These photos will always remind us that we went away with good friends (hi family E - have you told Mr E that I blog yet? he'll be so disappointed!!!!!) for a long weekend and they all got sick so we came home early - but on the way we stopped spontaneously at the maze...and then wandered round steaming mud pools in Rotorua....watched tourists roll down the hill in the Zorb....and stopped for mega-massive icecreams at Pokeno.


kate5kiwis said...

i know i've said it before: those pokeno-icecreams are definitely a must-do.
cute photos, rach...
and of course, i am partial to your curly-girlie X

Rosie said...

great photos.........great w/end, must do it again without the sudden ending!!.....and those pokeno icecreams are as good as you've always told us.....we stopped on our way home, too! Of course EVERYONE here knows about the blog....couldn't keep that a secret for long!