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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

busy busy busy

I've filled a whole album with photos for my eldest daughter...and haven't made a dent on the photo pile!!!!! But it feels good to be underway.

I'm on a knitting bender....longies for ER, a soaker and hat set for a charity auction (watch this space), two pairs of slippers lined up to supervise, lots of socks to make.

The sewing pile is looking decorative in the bedroom until I attack it next week (we're going to have a "holiday week" and the kids will look after themselves while I sew sew sew)

The winter clothes are all sorted and the boxes stacked away again.

The house is even mostly tidy.

The garden is doing a final burst of fruiting before we need to replace old summer stock with winter yummies.

Charlotte's Web came to the end and we're adventuring back to Germany and the advent of the printing press.

ER10mo has finally learnt to crawl....FAST....and even up stairs.

The eldest two are making a special-order-muesli to go to Wellington in a couple of days ~waves at Sharon~

Another couple are making a pumpkin soup out of our first pumpkin this autumn.

I've painted beads to make a handle for my knitting bag. It's sooooo close to finished and I'm really pleased with it (apart from the fact that it shrunk really quickly in the machine and came out shorter and shallower than I wanted)

All the little things of life are going on.


Sharonnz said...

Sharon waves back. Dh is pleased to hear about the child labour working on his muesli;-)

Jen and family said...

good on u and that photo is wonderful
keep at it

what a busy and productive household u have :)
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/