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Friday, March 16, 2007

did you meet?

I met some great gals at the Ultimate Blog Party....and as I didn't do my intro post correctly, I'll mention Susan and Janice at 5minutesforMom now!!! Thanks for hosting a wonderful party.

Did you meet any of these girls?

First of all, there were my REAL LIVE MATES who you can see in my sidebar! They were there.

I met someone who promised a bed to me-n-mine if we ever make it to Russia (which we'd love to do....when I tried with my hubby seventeen ago they wouldn't let us in.....then we *sneaked* across the Border Which Had Fallen Down in the Mountains for a photo op when living in Poland, but that's as close as I've got so far!).

Amy has three little ones under four and another on the way - my exact situation eight years ago, so I felt an affinity with her....plus I'd LOVE 160 acres!!! (or even ten!)

I have always wanted older women to teach me what they knew...and I found one who wants to!
Plus she loves weeding and cherry tomatoes!

And of course there was Heather......can't miss her out, coz she generously offered a prize, which my other blog was fortunate enough to win!

That's only half a dozen people, but I do prefer a small party to a big one!

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blackpurl said...

The offer is always open! Take care!