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Sunday, March 25, 2007

simply beautiful

After sewing my skirt
I have decided once again
that I actually quite like sewing!
I don't like hemming - but my skirt didn't have a hem

I'm thinking of making something a little bit like this.....not for my little girls.....not even for my big girls......but for me. I don't see why not! Maybe you will tell me that it's really too fussy for an adult and a Mama who has had eight kids should steer clear of two layers of fabrics over her hips and I've got enough clothes now and I'm not *that* kind of person....I might listen;-)

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Nikki said...

Beautiful skirt that you're looking at making. Perhaps you could make the top layer detachable, so if you do find the look is too hippy (as in hips not person lol) you can remove it easily and do something else with it (or just turn it into a skirt for one of the girls or a pretty apron?).