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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'd rather be.....

.......well, doing anything NOT in the kitchen!!!!!! Cooking is not my fave activity and I've just done a cooking post and it seems so....flat and downright boring. I mean to say, beans, chickpeas and a handful of lentils, just don't do it for me! (or the men who routinely eat at my dining room table I might add!!!!)

So I browsed through my photos....and came across these bits I picked up at a second-hand store.

one lovely little homemade dress with tiny red roses on it...unfortunately it probably won't fit ER(9mo) by next summer but it was just so cute...and HOMEMADE and if I have to cut it up to go on the red shirt with the scalloped collar, so be it...it is such a dainty pattern; it'll get used for something.
the white shirt with one big red flower will need to be remade....will it go bigger for J12 or smaller for K8?
and the red-n-white checks with a couple of cherries....well, that just matched!

AHHHH, now that feels better. So much more inspiring!

Do you remember me getting the big*bargain*bit*of*fabric?

Now look what can go with it - the little pink ruffley skirt will become one layer in a multi-layered skirt with lots of ribbon-n-rick-rack-n-broderie anglaise. The green and white check pants will be attached to another zillions-of-layers-skirt for the bigger of the two girlies...again with lots of fun sewn onto it. Plus I picked up a bright apple green artist's shirt to go with it for a couple of dollars. I feel an applique coming on!
Some of the other things I'll pick to pieces and just use the fabric or little flowers or ruffles (like that teeny tiny green and white check shirt that won't fit anyone unless we have another baby before next summer!!!!! *laugh*choke*chortle* BTW, you'll have to click on the photo to blow it up and see the gorgeous wee gingham buttons and delightful little flowers on the shirt)....the dress in the top left-hand corner is absolutely funky, but it doesn't fit my biggest girl and is waaaaaay too big for the only other one. I don't really want to remake it into anything else because it's just perfect as it is.....now *that* is a much more interesting problem to be pondering that *what are we going to have for dinner tonight?*

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very pretty dont you just love second hand stores
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