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Saturday, March 3, 2007


I went out for nearly 12 hours today. on.my.own.
It was so refreshing....to not have to talk, to have no questions to answer, to not have to get meals when other people's stomachs were hungry, to not have to make decisions for other people, to not have to supervise chores, to not think about the two loads of washing, to not have anyone argue with me.
I got home in time to snuggle newly-bathed fresh-smelling children who were actually happy to see me. That's always nice.

For about three years now, my hubby has given me a whole day to do what I like with three or four times a year. Often I use the time to do some thinking/planning or running round shops to check out what clothes are available before taking the kids along with me - today I hit a few second-hand shops and picked up some great gifts and clothes (some of which will be remade into something new) and baskets and tins to finish off the games cupboard. I read some books (see the gardening blog!) and designed the embroidery pattern to go on a knitting bag I'm making.

Next weekend hubby gets his turn - he'll probably have a very different day to me. For a start, he'll hang around home for quite a while (I used to try to shoo him off, but I realise now that because he doesn't spend as much time here as I do, he doesn't feel the same urge to get away), he'll probably play tennis or squash with someone, he's bound to go to a movie with someone else and is very likely to go out for dinner with his Dad. People definitely energise him!

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