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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dye-ing Days of Summer

Although the sun is shining brightly, the kids are still swimming in the pool, we don't need duvets on the bed and the cicadas are still buzzing, the leaves on the plum tree are turning red....the days of summer are dying.

And I have spent a summer day dye-ing:

This wool says alot about me!

I'm from New Zealand, the land with more sheep than people!
I can knit - I couldn't always do so, but a friend taught me last year and there's been no looking back.
At times I can be very spontaneous. Just before lunch I decided to dye this and it was done before the kids had sliced the bread!
I have too many projects on the go at one time! (I should never have started dyeing my stash of cream wool until I'd used up the coloured stuff I have hiding in baskets!)
I have a stash of wool;-)
I am always a bit tentative about trying something new - but my friend (hi Lou!) was right, it *was* dead simple!
I love adventure.
I jump into things eagerly...and sometimes find myself in a tangled mess!
Making bright pockets of sunshine in the daily monotony is important to me.
I like memories.

This wool was going to be called "Sunny Days at the Beach"
then "Sunflowers Against a Summer Sky"
now.....it's too precious for either

L6 brought me a bunch of flowers he'd picked for me and he looked just like the wool.

I wanted to capture that moment of a gift freely given.
Now I want to do something with that wool that will be a reminder.
Not a crocheted photo frame;-)
I thought "memory basket", but I don't know how that would work!
And there's not that much wool, so it'll have to be something small.
What do you think?

I offered to make something for L6, something specially for him.....but what he *wants* is slippers for winter made from green orange and red to look like traffic lights!


Jess said...

You know those felt boxes i am making? I bet you could knit one. Then felt it! Stick a glass in it and it could be a little vase for those cute flowers. I can e-mail you the shape you would need to knit!


Sharonnz said...

Gor-jus!! Wool and boy;-) And what's wrong with a crocheted photo frame, huh?

kate5kiwis said...

i'm looking forward to pix of the traffic-light-slippers: maybe you could put pompoms on for the lights???
or maybe it's nearly midnight and i need to go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rach said...

Kate - that's exactly what he wants! (he coulda told me before I gave my good felting black yarn away!!!) But even better, he's going to make the pompoms himself!

Sharon - nothing wrong if it's on *your* dresser!!

Jess - I've used your idea, but just knit it in the round so there were no seams to sew up!