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Monday, April 2, 2007

Productive with a capital P

I love days like today when you get lots done. We may not have done any reading, writing or 'rithmetic, but boy oh boy do we have a tidy house tonight.
We rearranged all the kids' bedrooms - we had been having a wee problem with children playing with toys well after bedtime, so I decided to take *everything* downstairs to the "workroom". Now the bedrooms have nothing apart from beds with a favourite teddy, a box each for clothes and a couple of Very Important Treasures on the windowsills. They look so simple and tidy!
My room looks just as simplistic, with every non-essential item removed. We had been storing my fabric stash and boxes of Papers To Be Sorted and Items To Sell On Trade-Me in there, but now it is back to its almost-minimalistic feel. Even the wardrobe has had an overhaul. I went through my clothes again - very excited to say that the pile of "too small" has shrunk. I can fit into most of my "pre-latest-baby" gear....I'm still aiming on shedding another 8kg - and will then be brave enough to try on a pair of jeans I used to wear pre-any-babies-at-all. I had kept two pair....one has been donated to daughter number one this last week. The other I still like enough to have hopes of wearing once more!
But that's not all we've done. We totally tidied and rearranged the games and toys and stationery and art and craft supplies. Now they are all in One Room. Hopefully it will be easier to keep them tidy (I have my doubts!)
As we prepared dinner I zipped through the kitchen drawers....this was not a big job, because I keep them pretty much in order, but I'm always surprised to discover broken ladles and stray bamboo skewers.
After dinner I attacked the hall cupboard, which houses all our linen and togs/wetsuits/beach towels and phone books and dusters and medicine boxes and spare lightbulbs (you get the picture - it's a big cupboard!) It is now a big tidy cupboard!

Tomorrow's Plan:
Find the forgotten corners in the bathroom and laundry
Wipe down kitchen cabinets
Tidy cupboard under the stairs
Straighten "outside toys" in garage
Bookshelves (this is no small task ~ we must have over 2,000 books)
I'll pair the kids up to work together and they should be able to complete the first four jobs while I do the books. They are loving their rooms tonight and so I imagine they'll be keen to finish everything off tomorrow. I hope so anyway!

Then there's just the study to attack. That will be my free evening time this week *sigh*....and next week....and the week after....all my craft gear has been plonked in here, all my papers, all my photos, in fact, everything that has not found a home elsewhere in the house. If you have long legs, you can step over the piles and plant your feet in the footsize spaces of clear floor to get to the computer! Although he would have been more than entitled to, Father Bear has not complained, but I don't want to presume too long on his very laid-back-good-nature!

But right now I think I'll go and dish myself a big bowl of icecream and read a couple more chapters of "Church Without Walls" before heading to bed.


Jen and family said...

WOW!! U have been busy keep it up
jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

kate5kiwis said...

oh. my. gosh.
the hormones are in good balance this week lol.
i am about to do my last-minute-sort-out before visitors arrive this weekend, my bedroom is the proverbial *tip* and i can't see one square inch of the garage floor either:
perhaps you fancy a road trip seeing as you have found the tidy-up-muse...
i am procrastinating already.